Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK

The FPM has proudly launched Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK. CSPMS is a collaborative multidisciplinary publication providing a robust reference source for the planning and delivery of Pain Management Services in the United Kingdom.  It is designed to provide a framework for standard setting in the provision of Pain Management Services for Healthcare professionals, commissioners and other stakeholders to optimise the care of our patients.  

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Key Pain Management Standards in the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection framework

Following work between the Faculty and the CQC, key standards have been indentified for inclusion within the CQC's inspection framework over eight key areas: Urgent and emergency care; medical care; surgery; critical care;  maternity and gynaecology; services for children and young people, neonates and transition; outpatients and diagnostics; and end of life care.  

The key standards can be found at this link.


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