Cardiff University

EPM UK was piloted in Cardiff in 2016 with plans to run it again in February 2018.

The course was delivered throughout various points of the C12 curriculum using lectures, workshops as well as e-resources to deliver the content. It was facilitated by Dr Athanasios Hassoulas and Dr Ann Taylor.

 Students receive two lectures in year one that cover the basic physiology and psychology (nociception and pain), as well as working through an e-resource (virtual patient case).

In year two students further explore acute pain management and focus on pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological options during support sessions that look at low back pain specifically, with another e-resource (workbook) focusing on the biopsychosocial model and application thereof to pain management.

In year two students also have an EPM UK half-day which involves revision of physiology and acute pain, as well as an intro to chronic pain and management, through three lectures that are delivered and workshops that run during the second part of the half-day, with case scenarios that facilitators guide students though.

In year three students receive a lecture on chronic pain, and in year four they work through an e-resource ocusing on fibromyalgia during their Chronic Disease 2 placements, which is overseen by the clinical teams when they are doing the rheumatology component of that block.

The next, and final, phase or rolling out our changes to the teaching of pain medicine and management is focusing on prescribing in year 5 along with building on what has previously been covered in relation to management and palliative care.