BMA and FPM guidance produced on analgesic prescribing and end of life pain management

The British Medical Association has released two guidance documents around the use of analgesics.  This followed a resolution passed at the BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting which highlighted the rising use of opioid analgesics for chronic non-cancer pain and called for the BMA to identify and explore factors that might support safer prescribing of these medicines.

The two documents are available here.

  • Chronic pain: supporting safer prescribing of analgesics
  • Improving analgesic use to support pain management at the end of life

The Faculty of Pain Medicine was originally asked to comment upon these two documents, but due to our leadership of the Opioids Aware resource, we took on a guiding role in both documents to make them as fit for purpose as possible for the pain community.  We thank the BMA for their openness to our suggestions throughout. 

19 April 2017