EME Funding opportunities for research into chronic pain

The Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme is seeking applications for studies into interventions to prevent or alleviate chronic pain or its complications.  These studies should have the potential to generate new knowledge which could be used in the clinical care of patients.

Applications may investigate novel or repurposed interventions and technologies. Studies of incremental or minor improvements to existing technologies or discovery of new biomarkers are not within the remit of the EME programme. Applications must concentrate on determining the efficacy of interventions, and may also include the evaluation of mechanisms.

Applications to this call may also include initial stages such as:

  • The limited steps needed to progress the development of an intervention to a stage suitable for use in an accredited clinical service;
  • Prospective clinical work or retrospective research utilising existing clinical samples or data to inform the main study;
  • Pilot or feasibility studies.

As a rough guide it is expected that these early stages will be complete within the first 18 months of the project and contribute approximately 25 percent to the total cost of the project. The remaining 75 percent of the costs should be for the main efficacy study.

Applicants will need to make a strong case for the future importance of the technology through providing a measurable positive impact on health, innovation or future wealth creation and for the ultimate benefit of individual patients’ or the wider NHS.

Applications should be made using the outline application form. Projects must have a strong collaborative approach; the EME programme is particularly keen to encourage collaboration with small and medium enterprises.

The programme remit can be found at http://www.eme.ac.uk/about/commissioned_remit.asp.

Proposals should be in the form of a substantial collaboration between at least two of the following three partners: NHS, academia and industry.

The full commissioning brief, application form and guidance notes are available online http://www.eme.ac.uk/funding/Commissioning.asp. The deadline for applying is 1pm on 1 October 2013.

For queries, please email info@eme.ac.uk.

15 July 2013