New Faculty of Pain Medicine Dean and Vice-Dean

Dr Barry Miller has been elected as the new Faculty of Pain Medicine Dean and Dr John Hughes has been elected as the new Vice-Dean.  Both will start their new roles from 16th September 2016. 

Statement from Dr Barry Miller:

“I have been a Fellow of this Faculty since its creation; serving as its first RAPM in the Greater Manchester region and becoming a founder member of the Training & Assessment Committee. I was subsequently elected as Chair of the RAPMs in 2012, joining the Board as a co-opted member. Following my two year term, I was appointed as Chair of the Training & Assessment Committee, remaining as a co-opted Board member. In 2014 I was elected as a Board member in my own right.  I was elected as Vice Dean in 2015.

Outside of the Faculty I was the Medical Staff Committee Chairman at my hospital, from 2004 until 2015, and BMA Chair in the Bolton region, remaining an active member of the hospital LNC. I have served on the Greater Manchester West Regional Ethics committee for 10 years, and peer review for the BJA.

I am a passionate supporter of the Faculty of Pain Medicine as an essential institution in developing training, and the creation of professional standards for good practice.  I believe I have both the vision of the Faculty's place and direction into the future, and the practical skills to help make this happen.”

Statement from Dr John Hughes:

“The FPM is still young but already an invaluable part of pain management providing educational, training and professional standards for pain physicians. The focus is within the discipline of anaesthesia but increasingly to a broader audience. This compliments the other professional pain organisations and the benefits are already being seen and warrant further development. My experience puts me in a position to help facilitate and develop the Faculty further.

I was one of the first RAPM’s appointed (2003) and chair (2009-11), a co-opted member of the Board, sitting on the FPM Training and Assessment Committee. Elected onto the board in 2013, I am a senior assessor for fellowship applications and CPD adviser. Outside the FPM I am a regional member (2013) of the CRG for Specialised Pain and its Chair from 2015. This provides a valuable link and understanding of the national picture of service delivery and development. Other activities include, teaching (including IASP educational task force), academic work and involvement with a project organised by the Pelvic Pain Network, PHE and other organisations developing pelvic pain services nationally.”

24 May 2016