UK Pain Messages

There are a large number of facts and figures on Chronic Pain being used by a variety of organisations. The Faculty of Pain Medicine, the Royal College of General Practitioners’ Chronic Pain Lead, the British Pain Society, the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition and Pain UK have come together to define and gain consensus and consistency over the facts and figures used when highlighting the burden of Chronic Pain in the UK.

The result of this work is the UK Pain Messages factsheet; each statement was already in the public domain, and its source is referenced overleaf. The UK Pain Messages are for everyone to use as they wish, and we hope that they will help individuals and organisations to communicate effectively with their stakeholders.   

The UK Pain Messages will be heavily referenced in an upcoming document, Right Patient Right Professionals Right Time, to be issued by the Faculty in conjunction with the Core Standards for Pain Management Services UK (CSPMS UK).  This document will give a state of the nation summary of the issues facing Pain Medicine in the UK which we aim to act as a ‘cover document’ explaining the necessity of the CSPMS UK.  We aim to release this at the end of October and to send it to all FPM members, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) and key national bodies.  You may want to send these documents to your local Member of Parliament, CCGs contacts, Health and Wellbeing Board or any other health authority/individual to raise awareness of Chronic Pain.  More to follow.

CSPMS UK will be launched at a Parliamentary day to be held in the House of Commons on 18 November. 

Should you have any questions on the UK Pain Messages, please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty at

Kate Grady
Dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine


25 September 2015