Applications are open for a FPM Trainee Representative

Published: 17/11/2023

Applications are open for the role of Trainee Representative. Please see the role details below. To apply please complete and application form and include a short form of your CV. 

Term of service

A trainee representative will be appointed for on year in the first instance. The maximum length of service is two years, starting March 2024. 

Those eligible to stand are trainee members registered with the Faculty as a trainee, who are in an SIA post in pain/advance training post with at least 6 months of training still to complete upon taking up the position of Trainee Representative.

Application Process
If you would like to stand as a candidate for this vacancy, please complete and return the attached Statement of Applicant form and a short CV to by 9AM 8th December 2023.  All applications will be anonymised before being submitted to the panel.

The Faculty Board and Committees
The Faculty’s functions are managed by the Board (BFPM), with further committees, sub-committees, working parties and advisory groups.  The current Faculty committees and groups involving input from the FPM Trainee Representative are:


  • Board of the Faculty of Pain Medicine

Friday 8th March 2024 (remote)
Friday 21st June 2024 (in person)
Friday 13th September 2024 (remote)
Friday 6th December 2024 (in person)

  • Faculty of Pain Medicine Training & Assessment Committee:

Friday 9th February 2024 (handover meeting - remote)
Friday 10th May 2024 (in person)
Friday 26th July 2024 (remote)
Friday 8th November 2024 (in person)


Duties of the Trainee Representative
The principal duty of the Trainee Representative is to represent the views of Pain Medicine trainees during Board, committee, working group and other meetings as appropriate.  The Trainee Representative must ensure that the Dean and committee/group Chairs are current in all aspects of their role in matters that come within the respective group’s terms of reference.  

Other duties include:

  • To act as main organiser for the Annual Trainee Day
  • Produce research or written documents from time-to-time including contributions to the FPM newsletter (Transmitter), FPM trainee newsletter, and the Faculty website
  • To manage the Trainee WhatsApp group and ensure all updates from the Faculty are circulated to trainees
  • Maintaining two-way communications with all Pain Medicine trainees in order to update them on Faculty developments and to keep the Faculty abreast of information and concerns relevant to its work
  • Attending all meetings of their assigned boards, committees or working groups
  • Involvement in Faculty projects that may arise from time-to-time


If you have any queries please email Emmy Kato-Clarke