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Are you a Pain Medicine trainee?

Are you new to Pain Medicine training?  Are you interested in staying connected to the latest updates on training and the wider world of Pain Medicine?

Registration with the Faculty is free and comes with many benefits

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate that you may have difficulty obtaining the signature of your Regional Advisor in Pain Medicine. As such, we are accepting registrations without this signature. Please CC your RAPM into your registration email for visibility.

Higher and Advanced Trainee Register

Complete our Registration Form and send it to us at  Registering with the Faculty will enable us to keep you up to date with all training developments and events. The trainee newsletter is only available to registered trainees.  Your email address will be forwarded to the FPM Trainee Representative to include you in the Annual Trainee Survey and the Trainee's Google Group.  This is an informal group for trainees to discuss training successes and voice concerns.

Foundation, Core and Intermediate Register

If you are a foundation, core or intermediate trainee with an interest in Pain Medicine, register with the Faculty now to receive training updates. Please complete this form.

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