Core Standards for Pain Management Services open consultation

Open consultation

Version 2 of Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK (CSPMS UK) is now available for open consultation.

The consultation window will close at 5PM on Thursday 25th March 2021

An earlier draft has been sent out to stakeholders who have provided useful feedback, some of which has been incorporated into the guidance. 

Key considerations

When commenting, we would ask that you note the following: 

  • The document is in draft form to allow us to easily make changes on your feedback, should we need to do so. The document will be sent to a professional proof reader so please focus your comments on clinical content rather than spelling, grammar, formatting. 
  • Please be as detailed as possible when commenting and state the chapter and line(s) you are referring to, e.g. Chapter 2.1, line 16. Comments may not be considered if it is unclear what they relate to.

How to contribute

Comments are to be submitted by SurveyMonkey. 


If you have any queries please email Emmy Kato-Clarke via