COVID-19: Guidance on Triage and Conducting Quality Consultations Post COVID-19

Published: 18/06/2020

The Faculty has published guidance on Pain Practice Post COVID-19: Triage and Conducting Quality Consultations.

COVID-19 has transformed the landscape in which pain doctors work, and the ongoing restoration of services to levels before COVID-19 will be followed by a period in which medical practice will be radically different. Importantly, the preference for remote, non-face-to-face consultations will likely continue at least in the immediate future.

This document defines the specific considerations to optimise specialist pain consultations post COVID-19, building on previous Faculty publications, including our recent Guidance on resumption of pain services

Pain doctors must strive to continue providing the high quality of safe, effective care for all our patients as defined in Core Standards for Pain Management Services in the UK in a new working environment

More guidance can be found on our COVID-19 evolving challenges page and in our Guidelines & Publications section.