Case of the Month #29: Using Hypnosis in Pain Management by Dr Sue Peacock

Published: 28/06/2023


Throughout the sessions, Mr C reported a significant improvement in all aspects addressed by hypnotherapy.

Pain reduction: Mr C reported a noticeable decrease in pain intensity and increased confidence in managing his pain. He reported as he could cope better with his pain, he believed that his ability to do more had improved and he had started to re-engage in his hobbies and started a phased return back to work. He reported that he had reduced his medication use and at present he did not need to consider injection therapy.

Sleep: Mr C reported improved sleep quality and a more restful sleep pattern following hypnosis sessions. The improvement in his sleep, had contributed to his overall well-being, and he felt thought it also helped him manage his pain better.

Anxiety and low mood: Mr C reported a reduction in anxiety levels and an improvement in his overall mood. He reported feeling more positive and was better able to communicate with his wife, this their relationship was improving.

Overcoming needle phobia: Through targeted hypnosis techniques, Mr C successfully managed his needle phobia. He developed a more relaxed and controlled response to the sight and thought of needles, reducing the distress associated with potential medical interventions.